Video Equipment is such a large field to consider and so many different angles. We thought about displaying our packages here for all catagories, however technology changes so quickly that our packges sometimes change monthly. For this reason we ask you to contact us for our equipment sales.

For the sake of making it easier for our customers to understand we will break it down into a few different catagories.

Production Equipment – This is a large field and can consist of virtually thousands of equipments and software to choose from. Your production equipment is what your studio will use to ‘produce’ new content. Everything from Cameras, to tricasters to studio sets is included in this catagory.

Broadcasting Equipment – This can confuse some people because they think of broadcasting equipment only as televission transmitters. Although this is true broadcast equipment (as we have so named it) consists of many different types. For example satellite TV has no need for terresterial transmitters. So your broadcasting equipment is the equipment you use to deliver your video signal (that is your live video feed) to the up-link station or directly to the satellite. This equipment is not always housed directly in your studio, but can be anywhere on your property. Encoders, decoders, video servers, satellite uplinks and much more are included in this catagory.

When building a TV station here are just a few things to consider:

Where will I get my content? Am I going to create my own content, or buy rights to existing content, or a little bit of both?

If I creating my content what type of production equipment will I need? This is important for your team to consider. Depending on what you want to create will depend on the setup of your studio and the type of cameras and equipment you will require.

Is licensing required? Depending on the type of channel and depending on what country you are broadcasting from and too there may be several factors involved in this.

The above questions are just a FEW of the factors to consider when beginning. This is why it is important to design your studio and channel correctly from the beginning. Contact us today if you would like to contract our services to begin helping you.

Do I need the ability for live broadcast? If all your content is recorded prior to airing then you will not need the ability to broadcast live. However if this is a requirement this is something to consider. It is better to plan for these type of things in the beginning.

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